HR Management

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Business units in Aqxolt ERP is an operational unit that deals with the management of various tasks and goals of an organisation. There can be multiple business units set up based on how a business is organised. In a business, there are times when multiple projects are going on at the same time. This makes multitasking difficult for the supervisor. However, with Aqxolt ERP, it is easy. You can view progress reports and updated data about various projects simultaneously.  Not only can you look
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An Organisation can have a programme and projects associated with it. A programme could be a series of future events with a start date and an end date. In ERP Mark 7, a programme can be associated with a manufacturing process created to meet the need and results of the manufacturing project. This will help organisations create better design and management of work centres and workforce systems; it also prepares a channel for growth for the organisation. Create Programme: Navigate to the
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 Leave management systems helps employees to request time off from work, plan vacations and track holidays. Management can use the system to Approve or Deny leaves and maintain employee records. ERP Mark 7's Leave Management comes under HR Management App and encompasses Time offs, Leave entitlements, Available Allowance and Upcoming Holidays. Leave Management is specific to the employee and can be submitted for approval to the higher authorities. This helps you to track
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 The ERP system provides an accurate, error-free platform for employees to manage their travel plans and expense claims. In ERP, it records the expense details of employees and those which are assigned for approvals. The expense claims are specific to the employee and can be submitted for approval to higher authorities or the Approver. This also helps track the approval status of the specified task. An Expense claim can be created in two methods – From the record level
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One of the most important assets a company has is its human capital. A properly managed company will always have a high-quality Human Resources department. Properly managing employees and their various needs and keeping track of their work patterns can lead to better and more productive employees. The HR module in Aqxolt ERP allows you to maintain a complete employee database that includes employees’ contact information, payment details, performance evaluation details, and attendance
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One of the most important assets a company has is its human capital. The role of human resources is vital in establishing an efficient and effective workforce. By tracking and analysing timekeeping and work patterns, among other things, the HR department provides management with valuable information which they can use to plan and enhance working practices. With the ERP Mark 7 Timesheet feature, a business can track and monitor the activities of employees on an hourly basis for a range