Inventory & Asset Management

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The concept of KIT is extensively used in manufacturing industries. The concept of BOM and KIT fall under different processes. KIT is a concept involving the sales process whereas BOM falls under the inventory process. KIT is an assembly of many finished items grouped together to be sold; its pricing is calculated for each finished item. KIT itself cannot be considered one stock; each finished item is stocked separately. For example, Universal Furnitures manufactures various types of
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Create a Warehouse Site Navigate to the Order Management app > Sites tab. Once in the Sites section, you can track the warehouse sites already filled in and create a new warehouse.   Click the “New” button to create a new warehouse. Enter the name of the warehouse and select the Active checkbox to activate it. Enter the Barcode of the warehouse and select the Primary Contact associated with the warehouse. Select the type of warehouse, whether a site is
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Transfer Order The transfer order contains all the information required to execute the physical transfer of materials into the warehouse and out of the warehouse. The ERP Mark 7 application enables users to create transfer orders for moving assets, inventory and employees between company stockrooms/sites, warehouses, and departments, respectively. Transfer Order line items allow for the transfer of multiple Items on one transfer order. Transfer orders can be created for: Inventory