Inventory & Asset Management

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Receiving Items from a Vendor or receiving stocks from a Transfer Order Go to the respective purchase order and manually mark the Ready to Receive checkbox. (If not done in PO console) This makes the purchase order Ready to Receive and creates an Inbound logistic order. Navigate to the Warehouse Management app > Inbound Logistics tab. All the Ready to Receive Logistic orders will be listed.   Select the Logistic Order to put the received products into the
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The Outbound Logistics module of Aqxolt ERP ensures that all kinds of orders are dispatched accurately to the provided shipping address. The outbound logistics allows items to be placed in the specific packages for shipment. The system allows the user to scan an order reference number for items required for shipment. Stock dispatching is applied mainly to modules like sales orders, purchase returns, work orders, and transfer orders. Navigate to Warehouse Management app > Outbound
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Navigate to the App Launcher >Stock Transfer Tab. Once in the Stock Transfer section, select the Source Site and the Cart associated to the source site. Click the “New” button item to pick the items and transfer.   Select the Location from where the item is picked. Select the Serial No/ Batch Code of the product and the product will appear automatically.   Enter the Quantity to be picked. Click the Putaway tab and select the Destination
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Stock Run Rate gives the overview of the inventory, it shows how much stock you have at any given time. The stock run rate tracks the finished goods as well as the raw materials. It tracks stocks at all levels of the production process, from net inventory before supply/produce, to supply/ produce and projected inventory to demand forecast/ actual demand. The complete insight of stock run rate is generated with the help of master production schedule created for every finished and the raw
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Stock Takes is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock. It is also the source of stock discrepancy information. Steps to create a Stock Take entry Navigate to the Order Management app >Stock Takes Tab. Once in the Stock takes tab switch to 'All' view from Recently viewed, all created stock takes will be listed.   Click the “Create Stock Take”
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Print Barcode Page Print Barcode page allows you to Generate Barcodes for different objects with different BarcodeType with any field value as code. and PageSize and Print them. Products, FixedAssets, Sites, Accounts, and Contacts can have Barcodes and the system is capable of reading barcodes through a barcode scanner. It can generate five types of Barcode like Code-128, Code-39, EAN-8, EAN-13, QRCode, PDF417. We can select page size as per our required data
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You can easily build assemblies or finished goods from a detailed Bill of Materials. The manufacturing module allows you to specify the raw materials or components needed to manufacture each finished good.   With operations that involve inventory for work-in-process and manufacturing, this functionality enables you to boost end-to-end traceability, productivity, and control. In addition, you can access your product assembly inventory in Aqxolt ERP anytime, anywhere, so your team can
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Stock-to-Asset is a unique functionality developed to help companies or teams that must fuse inventory management and asset management efforts. The feature reduces management overhead related to accounting for each process separately and delivers a simplified, operationally efficient tracking solution.   Combined Inventory and Fixed Asset Control Depending on your business process, you may need to track certain items or products as both stock inventory and assets. For
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Products can be manufactured in a lot, having a particular lot number to the set of production. To make a product available in a lot, we have to make the product Lot Tracked.   Check Lot track checkbox on the product detail page. Create a Material Batches/ Lots record in the related list of the product. Click on Create “New.” Add Batch Number, Date of Manufacture and Availability Date. Make sure it is active and the product is
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Products and Fixed Assets can be serialized and Inventory can be stored for different products with different serial numbers. Assigning Serial numbers to a product involves the following setup: On the product detail page, make sure the product is active, status is released and serialize checkbox is checked. In the Related section, go to Serial Number > Create New. Add Name, Serial Number and Product. Add Availability date and make sure available checkbox is checked. Create