Getting started with ERP Mark 7

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ERP Mark 7 is a dynamic Enterprise Resource Planning Suite for any business size.  ERP MARK 7 suite enables organizations to streamline every facet of the business, giving real-time insight and ensures the rapid growth and success of any company. The suite allows you to manage your business effectively and effortlessly. With ERP Mark 7 all areas within your business that have room for growth are clearly apparent, whilst costly problems are easily averted. This state-of-the-art ERP suite is
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Roll out Steps: 1.Preparation Preparation involves all of the planning you need to do before you can begin using ERP Mark7. Identify key users of the system Add licenses Identify all of the users who will be using the ERP System and make sure you have the appropriate number of licenses. Review all the technical requirements Requirements to use Aqxolt ERP system Operating System All you need is a computer that can run a web browser. It doesn't matter what
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Prerequisites for installing ERPMark7 Before installing ERPMark7, we need to activate the lightning mode for all the tabs to be available for the Org. 1. Installation Instruction Follow the steps mentioned below for the installation of ERPMark7. Step 1: Installing ERPMark7 Log into your accounts as a Salesforce administrator.  Follow the AppExchange link  Click “Get it Now” button
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ERP Application Setup Tip: Naming Conventions: Before you begin setting up the system decide and agree on your business naming conventions suitable for your business. Account Naming Convention: We recommend that you create multiple accounts for each company – one main (parent) account to store the corporate headquarters information and additional accounts for each office location. This allows you to associate individual contacts and opportunities to the correct office