Order Management

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Manage Customer/Partner/Supplier Account, Contact, and their Addresses Customer accounts can be created through either the account detail page or the ePoS tab. Create a Customer Account through the Account Detail page Navigate to the app menu and click the Accounts tab. Click on the “New” button on the top right-hand corner of the page. Enter the name of the Customer in the Account Name field. Enter other details. Select the Customer in the Account Type field and select
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Create the Products Products are configurable items which are manufactured in an organisation or purchased from the vendor/supplier and are sellable. Products can be stored in an organisation's Site/warehouse or a third party Site/warehouse. Navigate to the app menu> Products tab. Recently Viewed products will be listed, click on All to see all the available products in the system.   To create a new product, click the “New” button. Enter the Product Name and
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Sales Order A sales order is an archive that contains products/services ordered by a particular business partner (client) or customer as well as the prices and terms and conditions. The sales order includes the customer’s information, such as the address, the points earned for loyalty, the details of the product being sold and the date of delivery and other information. Each sales order has a unique sales order number that helps the customer confirm the details of their order and learn
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Purchase Requisition is generated before the purchase order is raised to notify the Purchasing team of the items it needs to order and their quantity. It gives the figurative information on the desired goods and services of the organisation. To create a Purchase Requisition: Go to App Menu > Purchase Requisition > New Add Requisition Name, Expected Delivery date. Make sure it is active and status is approved. In the related section, create the “New Purchase Requisition
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A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement or repair during the product's warranty period. Returned merchandise requires management after the return and has a second lifecycle after the return. Creating an RMA An RMA can be created using one of two methods – From the Sales Order tab (record level) From RMA tab From the Enterprise Point of Sale tab RMA from Sales Order Tab: Select the sales
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Discounts Aqxolt ERP provides the ability to assign discounts on price book that will determine the discounts for order profiles. The discount will affect all the products linked to the price book. Create Tier The tier is a threshold assigned to the product when the quantity purchased reaches within the floor and the ceiling unit. You can create the tiers by following the steps below. Navigate to the App menu> Tier tab. Once in the Tier tab, you can track the Tiers already
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Enroll your customers in a loyalty program to encourage regular purchases and brand loyalty. Create a Loyalty Setup Navigate to the app menu > Loyalty Setup tab. Once in the Loyalty Setup section, you can track the Loyalty Setups already filled in and create a new Loyalty Setup. To create a new Loyalty Setup, click the “New” button. Enter the Loyalty Setup name and the Points Per Unit Amount. Select the “Active” checkbox and select Organisation and a Business
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With Aqxolt ERP’s subscription module, you can offer a wide range of subscription frequencies, (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) simply by specifying the start and end dates of the subscription in the subscription plan. Create Subscription Plan Create a Tax Plan record by navigating to the Order Management app > Accounts tab. Once in the Accounts section, select the Organisation Account to create the subscription plan. In the related tab, find the Subscription Plan
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Aqxolt ERP allows warranties to be easily recorded for a product or sales order line item. Create Warranty and Return Policy: Navigate to the Manufacturing app > Warranty & Return Policies   Once in the Warranty & Return Policies tab, you can view the Warranty & Return Policies information already filled in and create a new Warranty & Return Policies To create a new warranty and return policy, click the “New” button. Select the organisation
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Shipping is the key link in the customer’s supply chain, manufacturing, and retail success. Aqxolt ERP provides a complete solution for streamlining the shipping process with an accurate delivery date and time. Aqxolt ERP provides real-time communication between UPS and FedEx. The shipping management process begins with the following activities. Creation of Sales Order Creation of Stock Dispatching (Pick, Pack, Ship) When creating a sales order from the Order console, the shipment