Work Center
    A work center is a unit in an organisation where all activities associated with manufacturing processes are performed. Work centers are used to allocate resources and in work orders to complete the manufacturing process. Work centers are usually used to calculate the number of hours required to execute the process, the cost involved in project completion and the availability of the resources within a planned duration of the project end date.

Create Work Center

  1. Work centers can be ‘Is Service’ type or ‘Is Manufacturing’ type, i.e work center can be used to complete a manufacturing order or to do a service/maintenance to complete a work order.
  2. Navigate to the App launcher and search for the Work Center tab.
  3. Click on New to create a New work center and fill in the details such as Work Center Name, Active, Type, Start Date, and End Date.
  4. Select the Supervisor, Channel, Shop Floor Warehouse, Plant and Organisation lookups.
  5. Mark Is Service or Is Manufacturing checkbox or both if the same work center is used for both manufacturing and service.
  6. Add the Maximum Capacity and Planned Capacity in Minutes.
  7. Click Save.

Once the Work Center is created, in the related list we will have to create its Capacity Planner, Capacities and Demands.

Work Centers are used in Routings, Work Planners, Operations, Work Orders, MRPs and Processes.

Fields to note:

Field Description
Organisation Describes the name of the organisation
Work Center Name Describes the name of the work centre for its identification
Channel Describes the segment of the business where the employee is hired to work
Site Describes the site from where the sub-products can be utilised and maintained
Shop Floor Warehouse Describes the warehouse in which the items are stored; in addition to this, a user can assign the location and storage bin of the received items to make it a well-organised warehouse.


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