USPS (United States Postal Service), also known as the postal service or US Mail which offers domestic mail delivery services. It is funded by its delivery services and the sale of postage stamps.

  • Navigate to App menu > Credential Setup
  • You will land on the Credential setup page where you have Payment, Shipment and E-Commerce tabs.
  • Click on the “Shipment Tab”
  • Click “New” to add USPS setup record.


  • Fill in the USPS credentials and add in the URL to specify the test or live account and make the record active.
  • Make sure to use the name as USPS
  • Add the Shipper Details and click Save.


  • This creates a USPS record as shown above and the password/trans key gets encrypted.
  • With this setup, you can use the USPS services for shipment.
  • In the outbound logistics process while doing the Pick Pack Ship of the logistic orders, select the shipment type to be USPS while creating a Package.


  • Click on “Ship” to land on the USPS services page.


  • Click on “Get Rates” and select the suitable service.
  • Scroll down the services and click “Initiate Shipment” button


This will successfully ship the package.

  • Move to “Process Shipment” where you can see the “Shipment No” and “Shipment Status.”
  • Click “View Label” to generate the label and “View Invoice” to see the shipping invoice.
  • Click on “Cancel Shipment” to delete the shipment.


  • Navigate to the “Track Shipment” tab to track the shipment.



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