System Requirements

Roll out Steps:


Preparation involves all of the planning you need to do before you can begin using ERP Mark7.

  1. Identify key users of the system
  2. Add licenses

Identify all of the users who will be using the ERP System and make sure you have the appropriate number of licenses.

  1. Review all the technical requirements
Requirements to use Aqxolt ERP system
Operating System All you need is a computer that can run a web browser. It doesn’t matter what type of hardware or operating system you’re running.
Browser Google Chrome™, most recent stable version
Mozilla Firefox®, most recent stable version
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11
Apple Safari® versions 5.x, 6.x and 7.x on Mac OS X
Internet Connection Salesforce is designed to use as little bandwidth as possible so that the site performs adequately over high-speed, dial-up, and wireless Internet connections.


Requirements to use Aqxolt ERP system with other Palm held devices or payment gateways or Integrations
Barcode Scanners  Any handheld Barcode scanners
 Shipping Credentials  FedEx, UPS
 Payment Gateways  PayPal,


  1. Required Salesforce Editions

ERPMark7 supports the following Salesforce Editions:

  • Enterprise
  • Professional
  •  Developer
  •  Unlimited

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