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  • Print Barcode Page

    Print Barcode page allows you to Generate Barcodes for different objects with different BarcodeType with any field value as code. and PageSize and Print them.
    Products, FixedAssets, Sites, Accounts, and Contacts can have Barcodes and the system is capable of reading barcodes through a barcode scanner.
    It can generate five types of Barcode like Code-128, Code-39, EAN-8, EAN-13, QRCode, PDF417.
    We can select page size as per our required data selected.


  • Navigate to App Menu > Print Barcodes
  • The object defaults to Product and all the available products are listed below with their Barcodes.
  • Select the object you want to generate barcodes.
  • Select the “Barcode Field and Label.”
  • Additional fields can be added to print by moving fields from all fields column to selected fields column.
  • Page size and Barcode Type can be managed.
  • The frame can be added to the Print page by turning on the Frame.
  • After making the required settings, select the Items you want to take, print barcodes and click the “Preview PDF button.”

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