Accounts Payable

Creating a New Vendor

  • Navigate to the Accounts Payable tab and on the Vendor sub-tab, all the available vendors will be listed.
  • In the Vendor list page, click on the New Vendor button on the corner top right of the page as shown.
  • This will open a pop up “New Account: Customer Account”, fill in all the details and Save.
  • The Account Type will default to Vendor and Account profile should be Vendor Profile.
  • This will create a new Vendor and list in the Vendor sub-tab.

Purchase Orders

  1. Select the Vendor by checkbox and click on Purchase Orders tab to list Purchase Orders of the selected vendor.
  2. If no vendor is selected All Purchase Orders will be listed.

Record Bill Payments:

Select the Vendor checkbox and navigate to the Bills sub-tab to see the Bills of the selected vendor. Directly navigating to the Bills tab will list all the Bills of the organizations.

Creating New Expense Bill

  1. Select the vendor checkbox and click the dropdown button on the righthand corner of the row and click the ‘New Bill’ option.
  2. Bills can be issued for Purchase Orders or Expense.
  3. A select Bill Type pop up appears to select the ‘PO Bill’ or ‘Expense Bill’ options.
  4. If the expense bill is to be created, select the Expense Bill option and fill in the vendor details.
  5. Click on the Add button to add the Expense line item.
  6. Select the Expense Account (Chart of Account of type Expense) and the TDS Account (Chart of Account of type Current Liabilities)
  7. Add the Amount, Tax, Other Tax, and TDS if any and Save.
  8. This creates the Utility Bill to which Voucher and Payments are recorded.

Creating New PO Bill

  1. On the Purchase Orders sub-tab under Accounts Payable, all the Purchase Orders will be listed.
  2. Select the Purchase order of interest and Use the drop-down button next to Purchase Order line to Record New Bill.
  3. Clicking on the New Bill button navigates to the Create Bill page.
  4. Confirm the details and click Save, this will create a Bill and listed in the Bill section.
  5. To move further the Inbound Logistics process of Receive and Putaway should be completed and the Inventory should be received from the vendor to Match the Bill.
  6. The Approved, Match, and Posted columns show if the Bill is Approved, Matched and Posted or not.
  7. Select the Bill checkbox and click on the “Match Bill” button at the top.
  8. Select the Bill Line Item, It will bring the Stock Inward Line Item on the Right side.
  9. Select the checkbox and Save. This will match the Bill.
  10. Approve and Post the Bill by clicking the dropdown button on the Bill.

Create Vouchers for Bill

  • Once Bill is Approved, Matched and Posted, create New Voucher for it.
  • With the drop-down button on the Bill row, click New Voucher option.
  • On clicking the Create Voucher button a pop-up opens, verify the details and click Save. This creates a Voucher.
  • The voucher will be listed in the Voucher section. Approve the Voucher and make payment for it.

Create Payment for Voucher

  • Click the Make Payment option on the Voucher drop-down.
  • It opens the Pay Voucher pop up.
  • Select the Bank in the Payment Account lookup and mark the Posted checkbox true.
  • This creates the Payment and Inventory entries are made in the Balance Sheet.


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