Inventory Assembly
    You can easily build assemblies or finished goods from a detailed Bill of Materials. The manufacturing module allows you to specify the raw materials or components needed to manufacture each finished good.


    With operations that involve inventory for work-in-process and manufacturing, this functionality enables you to boost end-to-end traceability, productivity, and control. In addition, you can access your product assembly inventory in Aqxolt ERP anytime, anywhere, so your team can better coordinate production machine usage and labor.

Manufacturing Benefits:

  •   Streamline manufacturing process using barcodes
  •   Increases flexibility for multiple product variations
  •   Improves inventory control during manufacturing/process cycle
  •   Saves time and increases manufacturing productivity

Increase in Manufacturing Productivity

    Create predictability, better coordinate manufacturing machine usage, and labour, and track raw materials and components needed to manufacture each specific product accordingly.

Easily Assemble Your Inventory

    The Inventory Assembly feature allows you to efficiently track product manufacturing and associated stock quantities and costs.

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