Installation Guide

Prerequisites for installing ERPMark7

Before installing ERPMark7, we need to activate the lightning mode for all the tabs to be available for the Org.

1. Installation Instruction

Follow the steps mentioned below for the installation of ERPMark7.

Step 1: Installing ERPMark7

  • Log into your accounts as a Salesforce administrator.
  •  Follow the AppExchange link
  •  Click “Get it Now” button
  •  Click to install in production or install to sandbox
  •  Approve the package API access with no changes, set the security settings to grant access to administrators only, and install the app.

Step 2: Licensing Your Users for ERPMark7

  • Go to Setup> Apps> Installed Packages.
  • Under the listed installed Packages Click ERPMark7
  • Click Manage Licenses button
  • When you have selected the user, click Add.

Step 3: Validate Your Installation

  • Click on the app launcher and notice that the ERPMark7 Apps are listed (Such as Order Management, Finance Management, Employee Management, etc.)
  • Select the application from the App menu and notice its available Tabs.

2. How to Setup My Domain for the new Demo org

In Setup, go to My Domain Company Settings.

Step 1: Choose Domain Name

  • Enter the subdomain name which you want to use within the Salesforce generic URL but keep in mind that you cannot use this reserved keyword like www, Salesforce, Heroku, and also you can’t start the domain name with root, status, a hyphen (-).
  • Click on the “Check Availability” button. (If your name is already taken, choose a different one)
  • Click on the “Register Domain” button.

Step 2: Domain Registration Pending

  • Salesforce updates its domain registries with your new. When it’s done, you receive an email.

Step 3: Domain Testing

  • After receiving the activation email, from the email click on the link to get back to the Log in the screen with custom domain URL.
  • After login again opens My Domain wizard from setup. Now your domain is ready for testing.

Step 4: Domain Deployed to Users

  • Click on the “Deploy to Users” Button for Roll out the new domain to your org.
  • Now all your users see the subdomain URL in the browser address bar.

3.How to setup Profile Settings for the new Org

In Setup, go to User >Profiles

  1. Navigate to System Administrator, under the Record type Settings, we need to mark the Timesheet and Timecard Entry object Record Type as default for the Job Execution to work properly.
  2. Navigate to System Administrator, under the Record type Settings, we need to mark the Product Service object Record Type as default for the MRPs to be listed on the MO screen.

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